From numbers to nursing, meet our VA extraordinaire, Angel Garcia.

Today is International Virtual Assistant’s Day, and it is our pleasure to introduce you to a valued member of our team, Reyna Angelica Garcia, also known as Angel.

Angel, tell us a bit about you.

I have four brothers and one sister, I’m the youngest child. I’m currently a nursing student. I’m a Mormon who values modesty.

When you’re not working with us, you’re studying – tell us about your education.

I completed three years at university, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and I’m currently studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Angel in the Tess Dress image by Champ Ortiz

What do you hope to do once you graduate from university?

I hope to proceed into medicine to become a doctor someday. I want to help people in sickness or in health. I also want to start a business that is related to medicine or whatever opportunity I might have.

Angel - VA - nursing student

What are the best parts about being a Virtual Assistant?

The best parts about being a Virtual Assistant is of course earning money for my studies and saving for my future. Another is that I can work everywhere, whether at home or at school. I can spend time with my family more often and I don’t have to worry what to wear during work.

You spent eighteen months volunteering – can you tell us more about this and what were the top three things you learnt from your experience?

I volunteered as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – I spent my time serving and teaching people. I left my family, my friends, and even career. I called my family twice a year and emailed once a week. I served with other volunteers, of whom I had mostly never met before. The top three things I learnt from my experience: I learnt to love God and the people even more, a strong testimony should be gained and maintained and sacrifice brings forth blessings.

Angel - LDS mission

What are some of your favourites?

Food: I’m not really picky in terms of food. Some of my favourites are baby back ribs, steak, fajitas, takuyaki, pasta, pizza and desserts like mango float and leche flan.

Place: My favourite places are home, the beach, and Mormon temples.

Person: My family and my boyfriend.

Hobby: I love watching movies. I also play piano in our church and I sometimes play classical music like “Canon” by Johann Pachelbel and “Moonlight Sonata” by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Angel & Champ

What is a world issue that you care about?

Climate change. Because of climate change, typhoons are becoming more frequent and getting stronger. There is frequent flooding in many areas of the world, such as in US, Europe, Australia and Asia, including Philippines, India and China. The heat index is getting higher, affecting health, crops, productivity – all are affected by it.

Tell us what inspires you?

What really inspires me are the people who truly love me. They are my family, my true friends, and my boyfriend, Champ, who is also my best friend. Also, my beliefs have moulded me into who I am today and inspires me to do good every single day.

Lastly, tell us one of your favourite quotes…

Decisions determine destiny. President Thomas S Monson LDS quote


Thank you to Champ Ortiz Photography for the beautiful header image.

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