Memories with Mum…

This Mothers Day we asked some amazing women about their mothers, and we share with you some of their favourite memories and more.

Marryam Lum 

My favourite memory with mum – she cooks amazing Malay dishes, so definitely dinners at mum’s place surrounded by family!

The greatest lesson mum taught me was to give unconditional support. My whole life I have seen my mum giving service in the community, helping others, doing what she can to make this world a better place. We often had random people who needed help staying at our house until they were able to get back on their feet. Mum has always supported me and many others unconditionally even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. I hope that this has influenced me in the way that I parent my own children.

Ashleigh & Jo

My  mum homeschooled my brothers and I, so we had a lot of hands on experiences with her. She particularly enjoys cooking, so she’d let us cook with her and she’d teach us how to mix, measure, and stir. My distinct favourite memory were the times we’d bake, and while she wasn’t looking, I’d always try to scoop as many mouthfuls of the food I could before she turned, and when she saw my giant cheeks and guilty look, she’d laugh and patiently bat me away from the mixture. This happened every single time, and she never got frustrated but always laughed.

Jo and Ashleigh - Mothers Day with Omika

What is the greatest lesson your mum taught you and how has this influenced your life?

She would tell me, ‘Always leave a place or person better than you found it,’ and she was an amazing example of that. She’d always clean up after eating out, though she didn’t have to, pick up rubbish she’d see, or whenever she’d speak to strangers she would just leave with a smile and nice comment. I take that example with me everywhere I go now, making sure that when I leave a place or a person in my life that I leave them better than I found them.

Hiba & Joumana

I can’t say I have a distinct favourite memory, but I know that all our mother-daughter time that we spend together is a special moment each time. We try to spend time together shopping or going for brunch, or simply just having coffee together on our balcony. Those moments are great because it’s just me and her, no one else interrupts, life doesn’t get in the way while we’re spending time together, and it’s amazing! We get to catch up on everything, talk like sisters/friends and vent to each other. I am the youngest and the only girl in the family, so my relationship with my mum has always been unique. If I had to think of a recent feel-good memory, it would have to be when my mum saw I was really upset one night and knew I didn’t want to talk, so she came and laid down next to me in my bed without saying anything, and stayed until I fell asleep. That was really nice because no one else can give you that kind of attention like your mum does.

Hiba & Joumana - Mothers Day with Omika.jpg

What is the greatest lesson your mum taught you and how has this influenced your life?

My mum has taught me so many lessons in life, but I think one that has stuck by me through life is to not give yourself up to everyone just to please people. I grew up always wanting people around me to be happy and would do anything for them, even if that meant being taken advantage of. After facing many obstacles, mum taught me that I need to make sure I put myself first sometimes, and make sure my health and well-being is good before I do things for people. I’ve gone above and beyond for people, thinking I can carry the weight of everyone’s problems on my shoulders, not realising I am losing a lot by not taking care of myself, but my mum was there every time I got tired and run down to pick me back up again and remind me of what’s important. So I think until this day if I get stuck in the same cycle, I have mum’s voice in my head to check myself before I burn myself out.

Janice & May

My favourite memory as a child is my mum’s homemade pots of soup – delicious. And homemade pasties were really great too. My grandma made the best ever biscuits called empire biscuits. They were just heaven. Two round shortbread type biscuits, sandwiched with raspberry or strawberry jam then topped with a thin, runny white icing. Grandma knew I loved these and when I lived away in Melbourne, when my parents would come visit, she would send me an ice cream container full of them. I remember making myself feel rather unwell by eating too many of them (more than once I’m afraid). My husband’s grandmother would also send him an ice cream container of his favourite biscuits – ANZAC biscuits. How precious are our mothers and grandmothers and our memories of their thoughtful, personal gifts of time, love and delicious treats.

Janice & May - Mothers Day with Omika - Favourite memories.jpg

Angel & Dinah

Having one sister and four brothers, my mum is one of a kind. As the youngest daughter, she is very close to me. I remember when I was younger, she sewed dresses for me to wear every Sunday, styled my hair and shoes. She’s like my personal stylist! We also shop and buy groceries together. I was inspired by her fashion sense, in the way that she dresses modestly. Another favourite memory I have is when I hadn’t seen my mum for about a year and half, because I volunteered full time, it was a great joy when I finally got back home and we hugged each other again.

Angel & Mum - Mothers Day with Omika.jpg

She taught me to do my best in every aspect of life whether at school, at home or at church.  She also taught me to work hard and not just to depend on other people. The most memorable thing about my mother is that she taught me to be God-fearing. I would never have known God without my mum’s guidance. She’s always there even in times of my deepest sorrows. She’s an example of unconditional love. What sticks in my mind and my heart is that she trained me well when I was a child, not only physically but most importantly, spiritually, which I know I will cherish and will remember forever.

Christen & Tamy

I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone like my mum. She can come in from fixing machinery and create the most delicate and beautiful cupcakes. She sees something in her mind’s eye and she creates it to perfection. She never ceases to amaze me. She’s honest and loyal, determined and beyond generous. There’s no question on where you stand with her, she tells you straight and I admire that about her. My mum has stepped in and been my hero on more occasions than I can count. She’s taught me how to love, how to have faith, how to get the job done well. Watching her with my children has been the most beautiful thing. She teaches them and helps them see the world in a different light. One of our favourite things to do together is to go to the zoo. It’s one of the most magical places. My mum truly is spectacular!

Melody & Belle

My favourite memory with mum was when I walked home from school in the rain, I opened the front door and was greeted with the aroma of homemade chicken soup and chocolate cake. I felt so loved – it was such a blessing to have mum at home waiting for us.

Mum taught me to make my home a little piece of heaven on earth. She always made our home feel like a place I never wanted to leave, it was a haven – cosy, relaxed, full of love. I have always loved being home, I am a real homebody and I love how going back to my parent’s house always feels like home. Now hubby and I have our own home – after ten years, it’s still not finished – many walls and doors remain unpainted and we still use boxes as bedside tables… but we’ve always known that it’s not bricks and mortar that makes a home, it’s the people in it, and it is our little piece of heaven on earth.

Mel & Belle - Mothers Day with Omika.JPG

We’d like to thank Marryam from Life of My Heart for contributing, as well as our Brand Ambassadors Ashleigh and Hiba, team member Angel, friends Janice and Christen, and of course, all their amazing mothers who have had such a positive influence. We hope this coming Mother’s Day is a special day for all!

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