Zoe Sage: Making motherhood easy

Today we share with you an interview with Perth based Bianca Landis, Founder of Zoe Sage. Zoe Sage makes the transition to motherhood and breastfeeding easier – every mother’s dream… besides more sleep, of course!

Bianca, what do you love about living in Australia? 

My favourite thing is an even pull between the beach and Ikea being on my doorstep – that it just a piece of heaven for me!

What do you miss most about South Africa?

Ahhh that’s easy…. my family and friends. They are the people who know me inside out and I miss them everyday.

You’ve just started your own business – that’s no small feat – can you tell us why you started Zoe Sage?

Well my daughter, Zoe Sage, she was my muse and inspiration for getting into the small business world. When I became a mother of two little people who both needed me constantly, I felt the need to make my life simpler and more efficient. Living away from my own mama and family, with a husband who works away and now two kids, made for a pretty stressed out, overwhelmed mama. With the help of the right people and products I got there and was able to be the mama I wanted to be, most of the time.

It was then I decided to create a place where new and experienced Mamas alike could come to find products to help them be more in control. Products that actually reduced stress levels not increased them. That is where my third baby (figuratively speaking), Zoe Sage, was born.

Nursing cover Zoe Sage Australia

Zoe Sage nursing covers for mama - prints 2

Do you use a 5 in 1 Mama Cover yourself? Tell us about some ways that you use it.

I do!! Daily!  I love everything about the 5 in 1 mama cover, it’s been with me since Zoe was a new baby. Feeding her in public allowed me to feel confident to leave the house and even if I had to run after my son while I had her snug, feeding discretely under the cover, I could. You see, for me, I do struggle to feed uncovered in public, it’s just something I don’t feel confident with yet. I love that so many mamas do these days, but I know there are lots of mamas out there just like me that need that extra confidence with coverage.

Zoe Sage 2.jpg

I often used mine for Zoe’s baby capsule – we would go to all my son’s appointments and therapies and we could keep our routine right from the start with Zoe. She was undisturbed in the capsule and protected from the crazy wind and rain – it was a game changer.

Zoe Sage breastfeeding cover capsule Australia

Now she is fourteen months old and we still use it to feed in public as well when eating out to cover public high chairs and shopping trolleys. Whenever I need something warm to throw on I love using it as a scarf for myself, or a blanket for Zoe or my son Mason.

Zoe Sage trolley cover Australia

What would you say was your biggest challenge when starting Zoe Sage?

Two things:

  • Finding the right manufacturer that could create the quality product I needed Zoe Sage to be. After months of trial and error we found what we wanted and then there were struggles of fine tuning, delays and so on during the manufacturing process.
  • Finding the time – juggling kids and a household while trying to start up an online small business. Learning to juggle my time with Zoe at home, running my son to therapies and to school 40 minutes away and still maintaining sanity at home. Most evenings I am working until 2am, to be able to do less while my kids are awake. Sleep deprivation at this point is at it’s peak!

Zoe Sage nursing 5 in 1 cover Australia

What has been your biggest challenge in motherhood?

Learning to trust my motherly gut instinct – it took me a while to understand this with my first born. Getting his autism diagnosis was the most heartbreaking thing to face, but at the same time it gave me the courage to listen to my inner voice and do whatever I needed to help my baby boy! I think listening to that inner voice and not all the opinions of others around us is a universal challenge for mamas.

Tell us about one of your favourite moments being a mum.

In the hours after Zoe came earth side and Mason got to meet her, Mason had no speech and he held her so gently, stroked her cheeks and the bridge of her nose so softly, as if he was welcoming her here. I knew from that moment he would have a friend for life and still to this day, every morning he insists on going in to see her first when she wakes up for kisses and cuddles, that just completely makes my soul sing.

Zoe Sage breastfeeding cover Australia 2

With two children plus your business you must be pretty busy. Can you share with us three things you do to keep some balance in your life, to make sure that you look after you too?

Normally this would be an easy answer, I would say oil painting because that is the one thing that creates balance for me, but that has not been possible for a while now, so currently I would say running, recording moments and thoughts in a journal and beach days out catching up with a girlfriend.

Do you have a favourite quote?

“Motherhood is not something you make time for, it’s what you were given time for”

I can’t remember who that was by, but it’s always stuck with me because it feels like it was said for me – I need to remember to stop – stop working, stop ticking off lists and enjoy my kids, just be there in the moment.

You can follow Zoe Sage on Instagram here and Facebook here, or check out their website and their 5 in 1 mama covers at www.zoesage.com.au. 

Thank you to Fred and Freed for the gorgeous images.

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