“Is it fourteen years?” I asked.

“Or is it fifteen?” he answered.

Fourteen. Married to my best friend for fourteen years! Now that I have a twelve year old, it’s hard to believe I got married at twenty.

No doubt quite a few of my friends were worried, one kept asking “but how can you be sure? You’ve only been dating a few months?!?” But I knew.

We dated for two and half months before he asked me to be his, forever.

The crazy part is that we lived on opposite sides of the country, so we didn’t actually spend much time together before getting engaged. We dated before social media was around, he had just got back from volunteering in Japan, so he didn’t have a mobile phone, no internet, so no emailing, no Face time, no texting, no instant messages…

But we knew, and that’s all that mattered.

Our wedding


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