Love pink? Take a wander through our latest styles…

Some have their ultimate palette of colours that they love to wear – for me – it’s black. Well, lots of black, a bit of blue, a splash of purple, a hint of pink, and then there’s the one red coat that I never would have bought but totally love. I literally have six black and white dresses… sometimes I feel like Barry from The Bee Movie as he flicks through his wardrobe, “black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow – ooooh black and yellow!”

Thankfully, we have more than black and yellow in our collection – we have quite a few pink dresses at the moment – here they are:

The Kaylee dress from Omika.

The Kaylee dress has been a favourite – not just in pink, but also in cream floral and mint floral. The fabric is lightweight, lined, designed for a looser fit to hide any bumps, but still with a defined waist. The longer length means you’ll still have great coverage if you’re tall, but you might feel swamped if you’re on the shorter side.

No time for fussy buttons or zips? You’ll love the Natalie (left) and Miranda (right), both are made of deliciously stretchy fabric and not lined so you can sashay your way through the entire year in comfort. The Natalie is a crepe fabric with a relaxed fit and being a midi length dress it gives you great modest coverage when you’re sitting down and great length, especially if you’re tall.

Modest dresses and clothing - Omika Australia - the pink lace Sloan dress from Omika.jpg

Layer in lace with the feminine Sloan dress (above), with a classic fit and flare silhouette. For a more snug lace design, try the June dress (below left) and for more room to move around your hips try the Emmy knee length dress (below right). Both the June and Emmy are a darker shade of pink, all with some stretch in the fabric.

For something different, we love the Kathryn dress – we had never ever seen pink houndstooth before – we love it! The Kathryn has a drop waist design, a high neckline for ultimate modesty (no matter what you’re doing) and best of all, we have a matching junior dress, Chloe, so you can have a matching mother-daughter dress (have you ever!?!).

Now the next style, you’re probably wondering… that’s not pink. Take a closer look at the Aubrey dress:

Modest dresses Australia - pink and grey Aubrey knee length dress Omika

Modest dresses Australia - pink and grey Aubrey knee length dress Omika online

See those circles in this otherwise monochrome print? Pink! If you’re looking for a conservative yet feminine dress for work, the Aubrey has the silhouette of a polished dress and the flair of something much more. This modest dress is made of a cotton/poly/spandex blend, with less stretch than other styles pictured in this post – a bit like the Payton dress – you’ll need an accurate fit with this style.

Now for something completely different, definitely for the bold, and not if you want to blend into the crowd – the combination pink and red, the Holly dress. This modest dress was designed and made with utmost attention to detail and quality – one of our favourites!

Modest dresses and clothing Australia - the Holly knee length dress from Omika.jpg

Which one is your favourite?

Omika specialises in modest dresses and clothing, we ship worldwide from Perth Australia. Get 10% off your first order when you sign up for your newsletter, you can sign up here.

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