Bless this Mess: Top tips for organising your wardrobe.

Robyn Amott is the Founder of Melbourne based business, Bless this Mess. Robyn is the professional organiser whom we all wish we had in our lives! An organised wardrobe means a clear mind – read on for Robyn’s tips for organising your wardrobe.

Robyn Amott - Bless this Mess - Professional organiser
Robyn Amott, Professional Organiser from Bless this Mess


  1. Get rid of what you don’t wear, doesn’t fit or you don’t like. Consider what is still your style – for example you might be forty now and you still love something from when you were twenty, but you don’t wear it – consider getting rid of it or donating it.
  2. Seasonalise your wardrobe so you have lots of extra space and to cut down on the mental decision making process.
  3. Group things by type, colour, sleeve length, occasion, for example separate tops and bottoms, formal wear from everyday wear and sportswear.


  1. Hang as much as you can – a lot of people fold a huge degree of clothing but then only the top gets worn. Consider taking out shelves and installing a hanging rail instead. If you hang the majority you can take them (clothing) straight out of the washing machine and hang them straight on a hanger to dry.
  2. One of the things is height – between your head and waist, this is prime real estate – hang things here that you use all the time. Look at not often used or worn items or out of season items and store these in those upper areas and clear that prime space for items you need most of the time. Consider creating a double tier rail, like a trapeze, which hooks onto the existing one. Howards Storage World have them for about $20.
  3. In some cases if you are going to put items on shelves, rather than doing really tall stacks, install another shelf so you can do a series of smaller stacks, so you can have two garments on top of each other – so you have less to move to get to what you want. If you have drawers, roll items.
  4. Drawers can be great for things like jewellery, a lot of jewellery things out there don’t work, try a slim drawer where you can insert velvet padding. Lifespace has flat lay jewellery options. Hang necklaces so they remain tangle free, like on the back of wardrobe doors, remove some shelving within your wardrobe, add hooks or hanging rods.

  5. To have a nice wardrobe, be consistent with your hangers – choose one type so you have uniformity the way through. Try flocked hangers from Howards Storage World, Costco, or Kmart. Find out why here.


  1. Consider moisture – an item might be put away dry but it might still have moisture. Some areas still accumulate moisture, such as from air conditioning units. Avoid mildew and mould, use mildew absorbers, the Hippo brand has one type you can put in the bottom of your wardrobe.
  2. Consider hanging wardrobe sachets on the hanging rail or cedar blocks or balls, which you can find at most homeware stores such as Howards.
  3. Read about storing wedding dresses and formal dresses here on Robyn’s earlier blog post at Omika.


*Find out more about Melbourne based Bless this Mess at, or on Facebook or Instagram.

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