Bless this Mess on wardrobe storage: How to store dresses

Robyn Amott is the Founder of Melbourne based business, Bless this Mess. Robyn is the professional organiser that we all wish we had in our lives!

Robyn thank you for taking time to share your expertise on wardrobe storage. Can you tell us about your  business, Bless this Mess?

Bless this Mess is a professional organising and decluttering service. The main idea is to alleviate the stress from having too much stuff and a lack of systems and then putting them back in the driver’s seat of their life rather than being controlled by possessions. We give systems and structure, more functionality and better time management.

Robyn Amott - Bless this Mess - Professional organiser
Robyn Amott, Professional Organiser Bless this Mess

What do you love most about your role as a professional organiser?

I love to see the results, not just the physical results, but the change in my clients. You can hear it in their voice, you can hear them exhale this huge amount of exhaustion, the relief, the change in them and their environment and impact on their life and ongoing.

How do you store your dresses?

I keep them in their own space – I have a double hanging rail. At one end, I also have a long hang area. With my special dresses, going out formal ones, I store in my husband’s wardrobe.

I use wooden hangers but also have fabric covers – like velvet. You can use flocked hangers, because they grip on the item – if there is something heavier it absorbs the weight that would normally be absorbed in the dress, so it doesn’t stretch the dress. The advantage with flocked hangers is that they are quite slim so you can see and flick through your wardrobe.

What about dresses made of a knit fabric, how do you prevent hanger marks in the shoulders?

Flocked hangers – they grip the fabric – what they do is they take the weight from heavier items, such as a woollen item that drops. Keeping in mind, bulky items might need to be folded on a shelf or hung on a coat hanger like trousers.  Flocked hangers are everywhere – Howards Storage World, the Reject Shop, Costco, even just online, in black, beige or cream.

What about a formal floor length gown or a wedding dress, how would you recommend this be stored, to keep it in good condition but to also preserve space?

Definitely don’t store them in the dry cleaner bags they come home in – these sweat, the plastic doesn’t allow for breathing space and some are biodegradable. Use a see through suit bag so you can see the items, or for bridal dresses, have them professionally cleaned and packaged with the right tissue paper. Tissue paper is not just tissue paper when it comes to storing dresses – a certain grade of tissue paper is used for dresses in long term storage.

What is one way to keep your wardrobe clutter free? When you are shopping, choose key pieces that will cross section various occasions, so you can layer up – like a dress you can wear during the day or out with friends, then bling it up for an evening event.

*Find out more about Melbourne based Bless this Mess at, or on Facebook or Instagram.

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