Our highlights of the Logies 2016 Red Carpet

So many red carpet events, so many talented individuals. We spotted some beautiful gowns on the red carpet at the Australian TV Week Logie Awards.  Among the photographs below are Madeleine Madden who won the Logie for Most Outstanding Children’s Program, “Ready For This”, and Dr Susan Carland. Susan was accompanying her husband Waleed Aly, who won the Logies’ most prestigious award, the Gold Logie, as well as Logie Award for the Best Presenter.

Waleed gave an impressive speech (watch it here) – we love what he said about his wife, who has accomplished so much, “I want [to thank] my wife Susan. The reality is – a dirty little secret I’ve carried around for a long time – if she had my job, she’d be better at it than me. She is sharper, she is wittier, she is funnier, she is infinitely more charming and likeable. She has bigger and more important things to do. Everyone who knows her, knows she changes you, she makes you better. They don’t give statuettes to people like that, sadly. But one day, if life’s fair, they might just give her a statue.”

Susan Carland Logie Awards 2016 Waleed Ali Image Joe Castro AAP
Waleed Aly & Susan Carland. Image Joe Castro AAP.
Emily Symons Logie Awards 2016
Emily Symons, gown designed by Karen Gee.
Marta Dusseldorp 2016 Logies AAP Image Joe Castro - Best Actor Nominee
Marta Dusseldrop. Image Joe Castro.
Madeleine Madden 2016 Logies Image AAP Joe Castro
Madeleine Madden. Image AAP/Joe Castro.


Jess from The Block Logie Awards Image Jason Edwards
Jess from The Block. Image Jason Edwards.
Claire Bowditch Logie Awards 2015 Julie Kiriacoudis
Claire Bowditch. Image Julie Kiriacoudis.
Cheyenne Tozzi Logie Awards 2016 Getty Images.jpg
Cheyenne Tozzi. Getty Images.
Logies 2016 Red Carpet The Today Show Sylvia Jeffreys
Sylvia Jeffreys from The Today Show.

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