Promises that last forever – Sarah & Oliver

“I remember sitting there holding his hand and looking into his eyes… It really hit me that in a few moments, we would be making promises to each other that would last forever! I feel as if there are no words that can describe how happy I felt in that moment!”

Wedding of Sarah & Oliver Brisbane Australia Temple

If there’s a day you dream of everything being perfect, it’s your wedding day. The guy, the dress, the place… Your bridal party, your first dance, your cake, the flowers, your car. The tunes, your shoes, your rings, your hair, your make up. All these little pieces make up a day that you will never, ever forget… but in the end, what truly matters, is you, your groom, and the promises that you’ll make, that last forever.

In the beautiful days of summer, Sarah Boaden and Oliver Ulloa celebrated their eternal marriage at the Brisbane Australia Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here is their story.

Sarah, what made Oliver ‘The One’?

Oliver is the sort of person who has a smile permanently fixed on his face. He is kind and he is considerate. He always gives of himself and always makes a person feel valued and important. To this day, I have never heard a negative thing come out of that man’s mouth about another person. Oliver accepts people for where they’re at and sees the potential in people. He has a glass half full sort of personality and I love all these things about him SO MUCH! With someone like this, how could he not be ‘the one?!’

Wedding of Sarah & Oliver Brisbane

How did you meet?

Oliver and I met two months after I completed my mission for the LDS church. It was a church workshop with a dance afterwards. The DJ put on a slow song… Oliver already had someone in mind to ask, but as fate would have it, he couldn’t find her (SCORE!) and so he thought he’d ask someone else and he saw me with some of my friends nearby and asked me to dance. We had never met at this point and so for me, I was pretty awkward, but we managed to talk our way through three songs slow dancing and for most of the night. Our first date was two weeks later when Oliver took me go-karting with some people our age. At this point I can’t say he tried to sweep me off my feet because we spent the whole time laughing and trying to knock each other off our seats!  The date was actually meant to end at this point, but we were having a blast! So we went back to someone’s house to watch movies and hang out some more. Conversation just flowed all afternoon and all night! So, after a “lengthy” courtship of four weeks, we were engaged and then married four and a half months later.

Sarah with bridesmaids

Why are your bridesmaids the special women in your life?

My Maid of Honor, Alanna and I have been life-long friends! Our parents were friends before us and we have always been close. Alanna is softly spoken but extremely kind and always willing to help out as much as she can. She is a golden friend!

Bella and I have been best friends since our first day of High school. She and I were the ‘new kids’ and we were inseparable since. When I moved high school and went on my mission, we kept in contact regularly. Bella is one of my dearest friends and she always knows what to do and what to say. I can always be myself with her.

Sarah with bridesmaids at Brisbane temple

Madison is a darling! We became really good friends on the mission field in New Zealand and for me, I felt like we were going to be friends for a long time. Maddi is a free spirited, happy and BRIGHT individual. Bright as in she shines! She makes you feel good when you’re around her and I can always have fun with her.

Bella is my husband’s cousin, since I met her, she’s felt more like Oliver’s little sister as they’re really close. Bella feels like a sister to me too. Bella has a good heart. She really puts in the effort with people and she is easy to be around. She made me feel very comfortable when I first met Oliver’s family which I was nervous about. Bella helped me see instantly that there was nothing to be worried about.

Sarah bridesmaids together

Wedding of Sarah & Oliver - Sarah with bridesmaids

Wedding of Sarah & Oliver - Bridemaids

What was your most memorable moment on your wedding day?

It was actually just before we were sealed as a couple. Oliver and I were sitting together in a room waiting to be brought in. I remember sitting there holding his hand and looking into his eyes. All the nerves that I had that morning getting ready were gone. It really hit me that in a few moments, we would be making promises to each other that would last forever! I feel as if there are no words that can describe how happy I felt in that moment! The day went too fast, but I’m glad we had it videoed and had Jo as our photographer; they did such an outstanding job! I can relive the best day of my life over and over!

Wedding of Sarah & Oliver wedding party.jpg

Special thank you to Johanne Rose from The Photo Tin for the beautiful photographs.

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Sarah’s bridesmaids wear the pink Samantha dress from Omika, with the sleeves shortened to match Sarah’s gown.  Mother-of-the-Bride, Nicky, looks stunning in the cream April dress from Omika. Sarah’s younger sister wore the pink April dress.  It was our pleasure and honour to be part of Sarah and Oliver’s special day – congratulations Sarah and Oliver, we wish you all the very best, with many happy days ahead.


Photography by The Photo Tin – Johanne Rose with Arianne Best.

Flowers by Sue-Anne Vincent.

Wedding dress by Jeannette Ulloa and Bianca Norma Lopez.

Bride’s hair by Natalie Seeto.

Reception at The Boulevard Gardens, Indooroopilly, Queensland Australia.

If you have a wedding coming up, send us a message at Omika – we can help you find the perfect dresses, so you can celebrate your wedding in style, without compromise. 

3 thoughts on “Promises that last forever – Sarah & Oliver

  1. So excited to see your story and pics of your beautiful wedding! I didn’t expect to see the LDS Temple when I opened my Omika email! Well done you guys! I’m LDS too and your new loyal follower! ps. I’m looking for an amazing white dress or outfit to wear at my company White party in Vegas in April. Would love some help with this please!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s such a beautiful story. The dresses are gorgeous too, but it’s always lovely to read positive stories. I was reminded of some memories from my own marriage 17 yrs ago in the Sydney Temple.


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