Top 5 Chocolate Desserts

As some of our Instagrammers may have noticed, we like chocolate. Okay, okay, I LOVE chocolate.  Every now and then we post images of heaven sent decadence from Instagram, such as the hot fudge, salted caramel brownie and ice cream from The Choc Pot and Nutella soft serves with milk chocolate feuilltine shards, milk chocolate dip, hazelnut and Nutella ganache and edible gold leaf from Gelato Messina. Sadly, I haven’t had these treats yet (I can dream, right?) but I wanted to share with you my TOP 5 CHOCOLATE DESSERTS from around Australia, simply because I’d love you all to enjoy these delicious discoveries.

Here they are, our TOP 5 CHOCOLATE DESSERTS, written by a true chocoholic:

  1. MUD CAKE – CHOKOLAIT. When it comes to the sacred realm of chocolate, you know you’re in for a treat when their website says “The pursuit of perfection is a worthwhile endeavour.” Perfection, in chocolate, is always worthwhile. I admit, I did not stumble across Chokolait, I looked it up, drooled, obsessed about it for 48 hours and hunted it down. On a cool, dark evening, I was alone in Melbourne’s Emporium – then there is was before me – it was what mud cake must look like in heaven. So much more than I expected, the blueberries, the chocolate frog, the bringer of goodness – my much awaited indulgence had been placed before me by the chef himself, wearing a crisp white chef’s jacket – this brought it to a whole new level of decadence. The mud cake, was of course, divine, my only wish is that I could be in Melbourne to experience Chokolait, over and over again. We’ve partnered with Chokolait to give a lucky chocoholic a $100 Chokolait voucher, so they and their friends can indulge at Chokolait in Melbourne.  To enter visit Omika’s Facebook page or Instagram page and enter by 2pm 30th November 2015.

    IMAG7144 Chokolait (2).jpg

  2. DEATH BY CHOCOLATE – SAN CHURRO CHOCOLATERIA. The discovery of this gem has been a treasured find, much loved and many times ordered. You know normally when you order a cake, there isn’t quite enough ganache? Well this piece of decadence is pretty much 50% ganache. Yep. Not for the faint hearted.

    San Churro Death by Chocolate 2.jpg
    Image: San Churro
  3. CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE – MAX BRENNER and OLIVER BROWN. My first ever introduction into the world of chocolate cafes was the chocolate soufflé from Max Brenner, and without a Max Brenner in Perth, this soufflé was literally on my itinerary every time I visited the east coast. Thankfully we now have a Max Brenner in Perth! With the option of being served with melted chocolate dip, ice cream and strawberries, the soufflé from the Bald Man is again, not for the faint hearted. A few years ago, Oliver Brown opened on the east coast and it was only this year that I discovered their chocolate soufflé, just as soulful as Max Brenner’s, though not in Perth, unfortunately. Great memories of sitting in Oliver Brown for hours having a laugh with a good friend!Max Brenner Perth Chocolate souffle.jpg
  4. BROWNIE MOUSSE SLICE – GANACHE. Brownie + mousse = the best of both worlds! The smallest serving of all the top five, but it sure packs a punch. The slice was already small but it was so rich I had to halve it with my fellow diner. Ganache describes it as ‘rich dark chocolate sponge, a layer of chocolate anglaise, a layer of French style dark chocolate mousse, finished with a dark chocolate glaze and garnished with 23 carat gold leaf”. Divine!

    Ganache Melbourne 2
    Image courtesy of Ganache.
  5. EPIC BROWNIE – JAMIE’S ITALIAN. Now this one surprised me. Jamie’s Italian in Canberra served up their Epic Brownie – “warm, fudgy brownie with amaretto ice cream & caramelised amaretti popcorn”. For less than $11 it’s a pretty decadent dessert, was more chocolately than I imagined it would be… I’d go back, just for dessert!

    Jamie's Italian Epic Brownie.jpg
    Image courtesy of Jamie’s Italian.

So, if you’re in Melbourne, be sure to check out all of these (you lucky lucky ducks!). Entry into our Chokolait giveaway is open to Australian residents, if you’re not in Melbourne we can send it out to a lucky friend of yours. The giveaway has now closed, thank you for entering.

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Written by Melody Dexter, Founder of Omika and unashamedly a chocoholic.

PS. I love to add extras like ice cream – if you’d like a dish as it is pictured here you may need to add items to your chocolate dessert when you order. Yum yum!

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