The Tall Mama!

We know many of you can relate to our special guest, Allison from The Tall Mama. Allison is a wife, mama, seamstress and blogger, who lives in the gorgeous Southern Highlands of NSW. Today Allison shares with us a bit about ‘tall girl’ problems and her tips for tall girls.

Allison, why do you sew?

I love the creative process of sewing (and knitting and trying to learn to crochet). I love and appreciate gorgeous fabrics, both new and vintage. I sew because I can make clothes which are a perfect fit for me. You get a real feeling of pride being complimented on something you’ve made!


We love this stripe midi skirt that Allison made! You can see it here on her blog!

Tell us about “Tall Girl” problems!

At 183cm tall most (almost all!) clothes in standard retailers do not fit me properly, they are way too short. For example; a skirt which is knee length on an “average” height woman is uncomfortably (and unattractively!) mid-thigh on me. There are exceptions, of course, like the Omika range and specifically tall retailers, however they are few and far between. A beautiful, confident woman looks nothing but nervous and twitchy if she is constantly pulling down her sleeves or at the hem of her skirt. Well-fitting clothes allow your confidence to shine!

My favourite tips:

Let down that hem! The hem allowance of extra length can go a long way in making a garment look better and feel more comfortable. I have a tutorial on my blog for a simple skirt hem let down, you can see it here.

Length can also easily be added with some colour blocking (see it here) & by adding length to a top, you can see it here..

However, my number one piece of advice is: if it doesn’t fit properly and you don’t feel comfortable in it then don’t buy it!


Another gorgeous midi skirt, made by Allison! How cute is this geometric print! You can see it here on her blog!

My picks from the Omika range:

Okay, this was tough because everything is gorgeous! Thank you thank you thank you, for giving shoulder to hem line measurements – that’s a really big deal for us tall girls!

The Janna, Katy and Lucy dresses are ideal for us tall girls due to their length and shape. As they don’t have a defined waist line you don’t have to worry about the waist seam sitting unnaturally high. Plus they can be dressed up and down, and who doesn’t love that?!


The Gina dress is a great tall girl style. The loose fitting top gives lots of play to pull the waist line up or down and still look awesome.

The Skater is also a great tall girl option. It’s a universally flattering style and the length of your Skater dress is perfect for someone my height (and shorter too, obviously!).

The Daydream and Victoria midi skirts are perfect midi skirt options; gorgeous fabrics and perfect length. Anyone who follows me on IG or my blog will know that I have a midi skirt obsession!


Allison, we have loved featuring you in our blog today! You have a wonderful talent and it is inspiring to see you share this with the world. To keep in touch with Allison, you can follow her on Instagram @the_tall_mama or through her blog 

18/9/15 We just had to share this with you – check out Allison’s review of the Janna dress!

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