Living life on purpose: Husna Pasha & The Talk Show Series

Omika dresses women with confidence, so they can live courageous, purpose driven lives. Today we are excited to feature the lovely Husna Pasha, who very courageously founded an innovative and inspiring business: The Talk Show Series.

Husna, tell us about you and what lead you to launch The Talk Show Series. I was born in India but grew up In Tassie with very loving, but very conventional, Indian parents. It was just expected that I would go to uni, get a degree, a good job, get married, have children and then collect some very unsuper super and wait it out until the final day!! This just did not resonate with me because I believed I had a much higher purpose than this. I did all those things that they expected of me but I decided after being made redundant that I was going to pursue my dream of being Australia’s talk show queen!

The Talk Show Series is debuting in November – tell us about it! My live show will be held at the University Of Melbourne from 6-9pm on the 12th of November. I will have special guest star, Mr Andrew Morello, who has the ability to motivate anyone who crosses his path – I believe everyone is a star and that we all deserve to be recognised. I am all about the underdog and I have developed a show that inspires and gives people the framework to become the star of their show. (You can find your tickets here!)

What drove your motivation to create the Talk Show Series and what impact do you hope it will have? I truly believe that we get stale in our day to day lives and for most, we simply get stuck. We know there is more that we could achieve, we know we could feel happier, healthier, more satisfied in our jobs and I know that, because I was one of those people. Now, I am living the dream and I hope to teach people how they too can achieve this in their own lives.


Most people quake at the thought of being on stage – what do you do to keep calm and focused before heading on stage? Before I get on stage, I breathe deeply and imagine that the crowd is going to love what I am saying. I guess I like to manifest a positive outcome before I get up on stage. I also simplify things in my mind and remind myself that people are not waiting to tear me to shreds and bring me down!!!

Not long ago you were unexpectedly given the stage – you were left alone, on stage, with a microphone in front of 200 people you had just met. How did you feel in that moment and how did it impact on your life? It was the most empowering moment of my life!! Here I was, sharing a business idea that wasn’t exactly the day to day business concept and as I approached the stage, I just decided that if my dream was going to happen, then I had to allow myself to be uncomfortable and share my vision but most importantly my heart. The next thing I knew, 200 people were on their feet and I knew at that moment that my life’s purpose was staring at me in the face.

Tell us about your first guest, Andrew MorelloAndrew is an inspirational guy who proudly states being a simple boy from Moonee Ponds. He reminds people to think big, but to never forget where they came from. He teaches people that there is plenty of time to get everything done as long as we plan our day well. He is just a funny, engaging and very intelligent guy that lives and breathes what he preaches.

Husna thank you for sharing your story with us, it takes admirable courage to pursue your real purpose in life – we wish you all the best for your first live show!

If you’re in Melbourne, be sure to hop down to The Talk Show Series, November 12th at the University of Melbourne. Buy your tickets here and you can visit their website for more info at!

Last month we had the pleasure of meeting with Husna in Sydney, here’s a short snippet of our video!

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