HALFTEE: It may be a HALF but it completes your wardrobe

You complete me… It may be half a t-shirt but you’ll quickly fall in love and realise your HALFTEE completes you… well – completes your wardrobe, at least!

This week, H&M opens in Western Australia. About a year ago, I saw a gorgeous H&M cushion in a magazine – I loved this cushion – cushions are a luxury in our house, so we don’t buy them often. This one was just gorgeous and I thought it was pretty special.

Back then we didn’t have an H&M store in WA so I jumped online and much to my dismay, they didn’t have an online store, and still don’t. Fast forward a few months and I was lucky enough to be in Melbourne, where I made a quick detour to find a similar cushion to the one I loved, I found this one, love it!

Choose Happiness cushion H&M


Why do so many people love H&M? One reason I like it is it’s gorgeous blend of Myer cross Topshop. What I don’t like, is how hard it is trying to find a knee length dress that is also not low cut, not sheer and has a sleeve – which is why we started Omika.

So back to your long lost love or yet to be discovered other half: The HALFTEE. If you’re like me, and you don’t wear strapless or spaghetti strap tops and dresses, your Halftee will make shopping much more fun.

Take this dress, for example, bought at H&M. It has a lovely satin finish, no lining, so it’s just perfect for hot weather. On its own, it’s not my style, but add a Halftee and it’s just right. Not only does it make me feel less naked, but it also means I don’t have to worry about bra straps showing and my Halftee also reduces my risk of getting sunburnt – WIN.

With Halftees, I can shop with a whole new world of possibilities. So next time you shop, especially if you’re heading out to the grand opening of H&M, revel in the new found possibilities of adding Halftees to your wardrobe. You can get yours here.

You may find that you wears yours so often that you’ll need more than one. Most of our customers buy two of the same type, in different colours. Say goodbye to full length layering tops!

For more ideas on how to wear a Halftee, click here!

Halftee reviews - Omika Australia - layering top - modesty

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