Mumpreneurs: My Little Owl founder, Barbara Gucwa

We love learning about our community and the wonderful, inspiring people around us – today we are pleased to introduce Perth Mumpreneur, founder of My Little Owl, Barbara Gucwa.

Barbara, tell us a bit about you. I’m an avid coffee drinker, a wife, mum to a cheeky boy Stanley (2 years old) and a happy owner of Obi Wan Kenobi (Jack Russell). Born in Poland, I moved to Sydney when I was 24 years old. I love fashion, shoes and funky hair-do’s. Currently preoccupied with raising my son and designing new range for My Little Owl.

What do you love about motherhood? I love that we’ve created a little person full of character. I love watching my son grow and learn a new skill every day, he is full of surprises.

As a mum, what do you think is one of the greatest challenges for new mothers? There is no go to baby-manual – I guess we learnt from experience, once we got to know our son bit better things became much easier for us. Second baby should be a breeze ;) Also coping with the fact there is no ‘me’ time – that’s the hard one for me. I need to consciously plan some time in a week which is ME time (an hour to go for a walk/have bubble bath/read a book).

What are your top three tips for balancing family and work? It is hard to get a good work-life balance, especially if you’re running your business. My 3 tips would be:

1. Allocate a certain time every day to focus on my work with no distractions (e.g. after 7pm when Stan goes to bed).

2. Never use mobile phone during family meals.

3. Sunday is a family day when we go places and do fun things with Stanley.

Your blankets look so cuddly, tell us about My Little Owl. My Little Owl is a quirky label for kiddies, baby blankets are our specialty. A mother’s bond with her baby is one of the most beautiful things in this world. A baby blanket is a very special item for every Mum and her baby as it conveys a Mother’s love and affection; it snuggles, keeps your baby warm and makes baby feel safe and secure. At My Little Owl we celebrate our babies and the happiness they bring us every day.

How did you come up with the idea? I always loved babies, I have also been passionate about design and fashion. From the combination of those loves of mine the idea for My Little Owl was born.

Tell us more about the blankets. My Little Owl blankets are all Aussie-made. We use beautifully patterned printed cotton and the softest minky. Our thick blankets have Australian wool batting which gives them luxurious feel and wonderful warmth. Wool is a natural fibre that keeps the moisture away and breathes so it is great for delicate baby’s skin.

What do your customers love most about My Little Owl? Mums often tell me that their babies become very attached to their blankets. Little babies fall asleep quickly when tucked in with My Little Owl, older babies demand their blankie when it’s time for a nap or a bed time.

Any final words? I think it is very important to follow your dreams and don’t give up. I hope that every mum out there discovers what gives her joy and goes after it fearlessly!

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