Taylor Swift

Harpers Bazaar says sneakers and dresses are trending – trending or not, flats make it so much easier to conquer the day, “The fashion sneaker is a style statement born from the city-loving it girl who knows how to enjoy herself” – whether you’re a city-loving girl or country-loving girl, sneakers are a win because you really, truly can enjoy yourself – you can be on your feet all day through to night with a smile on your face and freedom in your eyes knowing you know you can do anything and go anywhere.

There is no doubt that a pair of heels elevates a frock, but sometimes flat shoes are just the way to go – personally I love being able to run around with our little ones and love shoes with great walk-ability.

Today we take a stroll through Taylor Swift’s sneaker style. Taylor Swift is known for Keds, having collaborated with Keds for a collection – you can find them here.

In the pics below, Taylor has opted for colour coordinated flats, patterned flats and flats with a pop of colour, paired with feminine dresses detailed with lace, polka dots and tulle. Notice that the look works with unmarked shoes – it may be a good idea to keep your ‘dress’ sneakers separate from your runners!

(Image: Harpers Bazaar)


(Images: Keds)

More looks we love…

Rhianna makes the look work with sneakers which match her knee length dress perfectly… unexpectedly, monochromatic! White is easier if you’d like to go monochrome – white sneakers are versatile and will complement most dresses. For a more dressy look try black sneakers like blogger Vanessa Rodriguez in her Nike Flyknit sneakers.

Dresses we recommend? Try feminine silhouettes like the Skater dress, any t-shirt dress like the JannaCamille or Lisa, the Liberty would look perfect with a navy or white sneaker! Which dress would you wear with sneakers?


Images: @bazaaraustralia, @whereismydriver


Images: @stylishlyme, @kleidermaedchen


Images: Collage Vintage, The Satorialist

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