3 Reasons to Love Knee Length Dresses


Knee length dresses mean you can bend down without needing to tug at your dress – this means you can pick things up, pick up little people without worrying. You can put them in their car seat without worrying about your underwear becoming outerwear, you can sit and play on the floor, sit in class at uni, try on new shoes, get on the bus and not worry about your skirt hiking up or flashing – WIN!


As long as you’re not wearing a snug pencil skirt, it’s much easier to walk/run/get in a car when you’re NOT wearing a mini-skirt or bulky maxi. It’s much easier to walk up stairs, dance or chase after your niece/nephew/little ones in a knee length dress.


Yes, truly, I could not think of a better word to describe just how fabulous the length of a knee length dress is… why is it so fabulous? Hemlines are most flattering when they end at a narrow part of our leg – just above or just below the knee is perfect. This means that if you are on the shorter side (anything under 170cm – I’m 160cm), you may end up needing to hem a dress which looks knee length on the model. I LOVE the Lisa dress – it’s just so incredibly comfy, it has no zips and no buttons, the fabric has a bit of stretch and the neckline is high, so I don’t have to worry when I lean over. The only problem was that because I’m a shorty, this dress finished mid-calf… not flattering for me at all… so yes… I paid to have it hemmed (my sewing machine and I are not on good terms), and it finishes just below my knee. I had about 7cm taken off… ironic, really! Love it and I’m looking forward to wearing it through our upcoming spring and summer! Our model, Kate, is wearing the original Lisa dress – you can find the shoulder to hem measurements for the  Lisa dress on our website by clicking here.

Knee length dresses reasons to wear Omika.jpg

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