Work, Rest, Play

Introducing Debra Dexter, fashion retail manager and Amazingly Awesome Sister-in-Law. Debra volunteered to style Omika’s first ever photo shoot, which we shot on location at a beautiful beach here in Perth. Debra comes from an extensive retail fashion background and always exudes style with ease. Thank you Deb for featuring in Omika’s blog.

One of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own in my wardrobe is the Janna dress from Omika. As one dress I thought I would use sporadically, it turned into several outfits for all opportunities. Looking at the dress as I took it out from the packaging, the first thing I thought of was certainly not versatile. But oh how wrong I was, the possibilities and range with this piece allowed me to get my money worth ten times over and still going.

The ease of using the dress as a blank canvas and adding personal touches using accessories from your wardrobe makes this a quick, no-brainer option. And the news gets better. Because this is a one-piece outfit, there is no need to spend any more money to create a completed ensemble. But the best things about the Janna dress you ask? My absolute favourite element about it? The icing on the cake? It’s a pull over t-shirt fabric.

No buckles, buttons or zips, and absolutely no clinging. What else would you want from a dress? The comfort from the fabric combined with the sophistication of the cut, makes the Janna dress, well, perfect. The hardest decision to make is what colour to get. This dress can take me from work, to dinner, and is more than appropriate for those lunch dates on my day off. Work, rest and play this one dress does it all.


The fabulous Janna dress is also available in Cheetah and Indigo.

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