No Spanx thanks!

Tina Fey recently stripped down on the Letterman show, highlighting the expectations on women to look perfect in a dress, and the extent women go to to fulfil these expectations. She wore a royal blue dress, which Letterman described as “something Kate Middleton would show up in”.  Fey showed off the knee length dress, which featured a high neckline and elbow length sleeves, before stripping off to reveal her beige Spanx, bra and a black leotard.


Personally, I’ll do almost anything to avoid the constricting feeling of wearing Spanx – they might make a person look fab but I’d rather feel fabulous than bow down to the pressure of wearing anything that makes me want to explode (it gets so hot in Australia anyway).  Some of you will be lucky enough to look fabulous without Spanx, as for the rest of us, we can either choose to not care (perfectly good option!) or opt for dresses which compliment our hips and thighs, such as A-line skirts or patterns which detract the eye away from the hip area.  We recommend a dress with a flowing skirt and/or A-line, such as the green Skater dress, the red and pink Holly dressstriped Liberty, any Ivy dress or any Gina dress.  The floral Gina dress has the added advantage of an eye-catching pattern. Other modest dresses we recommend are: Celeste, Cassidy, Kiera, Lillian, Mia, Clara, Ellie, Madeline, Monica, Katy, Ladawn, Nicole and Mariah.



If you opt for a fitted skirt (such as a pencil skirt) and feel conscious of a few bumps, opt for a striking colour – for example the Kaitlin in cranberry vs grey. Also consider adding accessories (scarf/necklace) to draw attention up to towards your face, rather than your hips. Above all, be comfortable, be happy and be confident!

P.S. The gorgeous black Ivy dress is also available in red, navy, plum, and soon, orchid – a lovely purple!  For more info on this versatile dress, check out our blog post “The 3 Easies of the Perfect Work Dress”, by our guest blogger, Jade-Marie Robinson.

The floral Gina dress is also available online in red or blue, for $49.95.

(Tina Fey images courtesy of Today and Dailymail.)

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