The 3 Easies of the Perfect Work Dress

We are chuffed to feature our first ever guest blogger, primary school teacher extraordinaire: Jade-Marie Robinson. Thank you Jade! 

When choosing clothing for the work place, some women are lucky in the fact that due to their environment, they have more options when it comes to wearing clothes for work. Presently I work in two contrasting work environments – an office and a classroom. I feel a lot less restricted when choosing what to wear to my office job as I am sitting still for the entire day and my interaction is purely with other adults. When choosing an outfit to wear in the classroom there are several factors I consider due to the nature of the job. I refer to them as the 3 easies: Easy to wear, easy to style and easy to care for.

Clothes which are easy to wear are important to me. I need to feel comfortable and unrestricted from 7am until at least 4pm while still looking great. I like to move easily and comfortably without showing more of myself than intended! I am constantly bending over desks, sitting cross legged on the floor, standing on ladders and reaching up to hang up work. While these tasks aren’t physically difficult, it’s easy to show stomach, thighs or cleavage when performing them which is completely uncool in a classroom environment. If I can find an outfit that comfortably allows me to work freely while keeping my womanly parts covered, I’m happy!

Versatility is a huge bonus when putting together an outfit for work. Easy to accessorize means I can take the same base outfit; whether it be a dress, pants, a skirt and blouse or such, and completely change its look from day wear, work, and night. I am a fan of dresses that be given a casual makeover by being accesorized with a denim jacket, infinity scarf, boots or flats and simple jewellery. For a classic look for work I take the same dress and match it with a patterned or contrasting coloured cardigan, matching hair accessories such as a head band, wrap or clips, demure and jewellery, ballet flats or low heels.Favourite accessories for transforming into night wear are a blazer or leather jacket, contrasting heels and handbag and statement jewellery. If these three looks can be made from one dress, it’s a winner!


Like every working woman, I come home tired. The last thing I want to be doing is hand washing, cool ironing (or any ironing for that matter- I have serious issues with ironing!) and other menial tasks to take care of my clothes. While I am not a feral when it comes to taking care of my clothes, I like to do it simply and in as less time as possible. My idea of easy care is chucking it in the machine, hanging it out, putting it away until it’s ready to wear.

My first purchase from Omika is a dress that embodies all of these things. The Ivy dress is easy to wear, style and care for. I’ve worn it on many of occasions and have created many different looks with it. My dress is in black but I have styled the red Ivy dress in day, work and night theme. A belt, striking shoes, contrasting jacket, statement jewellery or hair accessories can completely change the look of this dress as often as is needed. I love wearing my Ivy dress, loved styling it for you and hope you enjoy the looks and find some inspiration from them.

Jade-Marie xxxooo

201504 Jade Black Ivy Omika Australia.jpg

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