KNIT OR WOVEN: How fabric affects your fit

Measurements are the best way to find the best fit, but it’s also important to consider how the fabric composition will influence how the dress sits on your body.

A relevant factor is if the fabric is knit or woven. Knit fabrics offer more stretch, which means these dresses often don’t have zippers and the stretch in the fabric will still give you a good level of comfort.

A few of Omika’s knit dresses: BaileyLillianMonica – all pull over dresses with no zips or buttons.


Woven fabrics don’t offer any or much stretch at all, so close attention to measurements is even more important, particularly in areas where the dress is quite fitted. For example in the Madeline dress the sleeves and torso will not offer any stretch, so a good fit is essential. With this in mind, many women may find it easier to find the right fit with knit fabrics – given that our bodies are all different, these dresses offer more stretch in areas that may need it (e.g. bust/arms). Many of our dresses are listed as either knit or woven – you can see this when you look at some of the size charts.

A few of Omika’s woven dresses: CassidyLibertyMadeline – all have a more structured fit and include a zipper.


Another factor to consider is the fabric composition – anything with spandex will offer more stretch.

A few of Omika’s modest dresses with spandex: Ivy, Mia, Lisa, Ellie, Makenna Maxi, Katy, Lynn and all the Janna dresses.

You can find out how to get your best measurements here.

If you would like any assistance in selecting a modest dress from Omika, feel free to contact us here or on Facebook.

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