Life is more than a dress size.

“I’m not going to be dictated by my size.” These were the words shared by Christine Anu in a recent article. At Omika we support healthy lifestyles – eating balanced meals, exercising and refraining from drugs and alcohol – we also support positive body image – Christine Anu is a great example of what it means to have a positive body image.

In the article she mentions the ‘heartwrenching’ feeling of comments on her weight and also the internal battles she faced with trying to be a certain size. I am sure we can all remember at least one comment about our own weight – I still remember someone-who-shall-not-be-named saying how big my backside looked… I was 14 and definitely a healthy weight, but yet those words remained ingrained, and since then I forged a resolution never to say unkind words about someone’s weight, especially in my role as a mother. Christine Anu said that she is striving to be a good example for her daughter – she said “I want to make people conscious… especially with young girls around you – what conversations and what outside voices are happening in their lives. If you look at yourself and you’re saying, ‘I could lose a few kilos, we don’t realise what we say around children can have such a strong impact.”

We, as women, influence the young women and girls around us, regardless of whether we are mothers or not. As women we may, at times, lament our dress size, but life is so much more than a dress size – for young women and girls it can be so much more difficult to keep things in perspective – we can help them by watching our words, striving to be happy within our own skin, and showing that our lives are more significant than a number on a clothing label.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. At Omika, we’re celebrating by hosting a competition on our Facebook page, we’re asking you to tell us about the most influential woman in your life. You can enter our competition on our Facebook page by clicking here. Competition closes 8pm (WST), Monday 9th March 2015.

You can see the full article about Christine Anu here.

Image: Damian Shaw, Source: News Corp Limited

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