Look FAB in your Christmas photos!

Photos at Christmas are inevitable – here are three tips to bring out your best in Christmas photos:

Choose flattering clothes: Too many patterns or bold prints detract from the real subject – you! Dark colours are slimming but clingy fabrics can be unflattering. Heels will make you look great – provided you’re comfortable – personally, I prefer flats – easier to chase my little ones around!

Use great posture: If you’re sitting, sit on the edge of your chair and lean forward slightly – whatever is closer to the camera will draw attention, whether it be your eyes, hips, legs etc.   If you’re standing – belly in, shoulders back slightly, stand at a slight angle to the camera and rest your weight on your back leg. Consider keeping your arms away from your body slightly. Lastly, tilt your face upwards with your chin pointing out slightly (about 2cm), to avoid the dreaded double chin!

Think happy thoughts: Embrace photos, don’t run away or cringe! Smile and think about something that makes you happy! If you’re going to be in a photo, you may as well look your best!

Our model is wearing the Digital Print by Kingdom & State.

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