BE PRESENT this Christmas

BE PRESENT this Christmas Omika Australia

Christmas isn’t just a time for giving presents, it’s also a time to BE present.  The day can go so quickly in a flurry of food, photos, presents and rushing around… don’t forget to enjoy the moment.

BE PRESENT when it comes to saying “I love you” – or “you mean a lot to me” or “thank you for everything”. Anytime is a great time to say these things, but if you rarely say it or show it, now is the time.

BE PRESENT by enjoying the day – your worries will still be there tomorrow – put them on hold for a day.

BE PRESENT by doing a good deed – gifts, donations, time or encouragement – we can all give something that will make a difference.

BE PRESENT when it’s time to say thank you. Make it more meaningful by looking in their eyes, hugging, shaking their hands, sending a note or message.

BE PRESENT with your loved ones this Christmas… except when it’s time to do the dishes… ;)

How will you BE present this Christmas?

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