How to wear a Halftee

So what’s a Halftee? A Halftee is a versatile layering half shirt – it provides the upper body coverage of a layering top, without the extra bulk and heat from wearing a full length camisole or layering t-shirt.

halftee-black Omika layering   halftee-boyfriend-white

We offer Halftees with sleeves or without, such as the pictured Boyfriend Halftee above. Halftees are made of breathable fabric and are reversible, so you can choose how high you’d like your neckline. You can find our full range on our website.

I wear my Tank Halftee to bring up the neckline on tops that gape, and I wear my Boyfriend Halftee under sleeveless dresses. Take this dress for example – I love this dress – it’s gorgeous, it’s light, it’s a maxi dress – BUT much too low cut and revealing for my comfort. Take a Basic Halftee, and it’s just right:

Here’s a closer look:

Ta-da! Even better, we now have Elegant Halftees available, which are softer, silkier and smoother.

HALFTEES are designed to enhance and expand your wardrobe – they add a layer of comfort and professionalism to outfits which you might otherwise not wear. I always struggled to find good camisoles (they were always too low cut) and wearing a full length t-shirt under a dress is just so HOT in summer. LOVE my Halftees so much that we decided to share the love by bringing them to Australia. Shop for your Halftee here. Our most popular style is the white Basic Halftee.

Here are more ways to wear a Halftee, check them out on Instagram:

Full length


3/4 Sleeve


See more pics at Omika’s blog!

Do you have your heart set on a colour which we don’t have? Contact us and we can talk!

Halftee reviews - Omika Australia - layering top - modesty.jpg

More ways to wear a Halftee:

Halftee tank ultimate layering top Omika Australia

Maternity layering top - Halftee 34 sleeve Omika Australia

Boyfriend Halftee layering Omika australia pink dress.png

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